Grow your social without lifting a finger.

Give exclusive discounts & rewards to your customers in return for likes, shares, and reviews on your social media.

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How lynk saves you time.

Lynk enables you to set up a unique page where your customers can receive offers & discounts based on the conditions you set. Your customers receive a discount, and in return you get some positive engagement to boost your online presence. This process also encourages your customers to keep returning!

Your page is shared via a tiny link that you can include on printed material or share online.

Step 1

Create your Lynk page in seconds, using our quick and simple setup.

Step 2

Enter some discounts for your customers to unlock, based on conditions you set.

Step 3

Direct customers to your lynk page to leave
reviews/social likes, and unlock rewards!

Step 4

Your customer opens your lynk page & are encouraged to follow your social pages or leave reviews to unlock any rewards you’ve set.

Step 5

Your social channels grow & you build customer loyalty without lifting a finger.

Set up once and sit back.

Add discounts

Reward your customers with custom discounts in return for more visibility online. It's a win win.

Encourage leaving online reviews, social media follows, friend recommendations, and so much more!

10% off for a follow on Instagram? Great deal!

Easily Manage

Setting up your lynk page is as simple as dragging and dropping in a few blocks and clicking publish.

Share everywhere

Send your customers to your lynk page and watch the magic happen. Our short links can be printed on anything (packaging, flyers, business cards) or simply shared online.

You can even print off your lynk as a QR code for your customers to scan.
So 2021.

Gain Insight

View visitor numbers and customer interaction with digestible graphs. Want to see how many Instagram followers you generated from a new discount? You can do that without complication.

as simple as that.

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